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How to Remove Rust from Bike – Prevent Bike from Rust in Rain


Hey everyone! Today, we’re going to teach you how to remove rust from bike easily and quickly in the rainy season. So, without any further delay let’s get started…

Topics covered in this article:

  1. Greasing Bolts
  2. Chain Cleaning and Lubricating
  3. Grease Your Headset
  4. Cassette and Chainrings
  5. Break Maintenance

How To Remove Rust From Bike

Rain that we all love. We’ll love riding our bike in rain, but if we don’t care about our bike, it will get rusted and may damage parts. I will share 5 tips that will keep your bike rust and trouble-free in the rainy season.

No 01: Greasing Bolts

Greasing Bolts

Greasing your bike or bicycle bolts are very important in the rainy season. With rainwater, these bolts become rusted. If you don’t grease them well and may trouble you when you try to remove them. These bolts rust very quickly as they are situated on your handlebar and accumulate water during rain. To prevent resting use good quality grease. You can use multipurpose grease as well If you don’t have bike-specific grease. Coat the threads well with grease and insert them back to their position. Repeat with all bolts on your bike to safeguard them.

No 02: Chain Cleaning And Lubricating

Chain Cleaning And Lubricating

Your bike chain helps you when you pedal in rain and this is another part of your bike that rusts very quickly. Since they are made of steel, over time your bike becomes greasy with dust. During rain, they become rusted if it’s not taken care well. You can use WD 40 to remove rust, but leave that for extreme conditions.

To take care of your chain, use a dishwashing liquid. Add it to your chain cleaner tool as well as you can use a normal toothbrush as well. Add some water and clean your bike chain like new with the help of this tool. This tool actually cleans your chain from all angles, so I definitely recommend this. Once your chain is cleaned, rub off extra water with a cloth to ensure it’s properly cleaned. Use a good quality lubricant during rain to keep your chain in good condition. You can coat each link with lubricant or just roll it over your chain. Rub with your finger to spread it evenly. 

No 03: Grease Your Headset

Grease Your Headset

Our bike headset is the most ignored part of our bike. During rain, it starts squeaking, because of rust. To protect it, just remove your fork and clean your headset bearing with some degreaser. Once cleaned, apply a good amount of bike-specific grease and coat all bearings and headset cups, then reinstall your fork. You will have trouble-free handling during and after the rain season.

No 04: Cassette And Chainrings

Cassette And Chainrings

Some bikes do not have cassettes or chainrings and due to this, they are most likely to get rustic during rain. To prevent and protect our bike chainrings and cassette, I would recommend you clean your cassette well with a brush and soapy water. This will keep your case clean from any debris or grease which may damage your cassette and chainring.

Once clean, then make sure you clean every bit of water that may have been left. Use a clean dry cloth and clean up your cassette rings. As well as, clean your chainring well. You will have a clean and well-maintained drive trade If you add these steps to your bike cleaning. 

No 05: Break Maintenance

Break Maintenance

We all know disc brakes perform well in rain or wet weather riding. But if you don’t take care of them, chances are they will not perform well when you need them. So, use isopropyl alcohol with tissue paper or a clean cloth and clean up your rotors with this. This will keep them clean from any contamination after wet weather riding. If you are we break user, just clean up your rims with this and your brakes will also perform well.

Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly. So hopefully, this article is gonna be helpful for you in how to remove rust from bike. If you liked it make sure you keep visiting us to learn many more things. Have a nice day!

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