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How to French Press Coffee – Step By Step Guide


Hey everyone! Today, we are going to teach you how to french press coffee make the best version at home in your own kitchen. So, without taking your more precious time let’s get started…

Steps covered in this article:

  1. Boil Water and Ground Coffee
  2. Preheat and Scale
  3. Fill It and Leave It for 4 Minutes
  4. After 4 Minutes

How To French Press Coffee

Making a French Press seems easy in theory but as you know coffee is quite the rabbit hole. So, as you may or may not know, a french press is an immersion brew of coffee that results in a very full-bodied flavor. The reason it does this is because coffee is a soluble content. If we are going to add our coffee in and steep our coffee for several minutes, so it’s going to continue to try and extract those coffee solubles. So, the longer we leave it, the longer the brew, the more it’s trying to extract.

Now, it’s quite easy to over-extract the french press because you’ll leave it in there for too long and it will be quite muddy and quite bitter. The tips that I want to let you know guys is to help get rid of some of that muddiness or that some of that sediment that you might be left with at the bottom of your cup each morning. Before letting you know about the rest of the things, let me just quickly run you through what you’re gonna need.

You are gonna need your french press, a grinder freshly ground coffee is always the best version. So, for hang grinder or electric grinder whatever you got. You are gonna grind coarse, do remember. A server or just a cup is fine, a set of scales to track the brew, a couple cups of duppies, and just a kettle. You don’t need a fancy kettle just the basic setup is fine. Make sure you’re using filtered water of course. Lastly, you’re going to need a set of spoons, ideally cupping spoons but if you don’t have them your soup spoons or a large tablespoon will be fine. That’s going to help you with your brew itself.

Just a reminder, you can get all of these things directly by clicking on our links that are mentioned below.

Step 01: Boil Water And Ground Coffee

Boil Water And Ground Coffee

The first thing you have to do is boil your water. Remember, the hotter the better in this case and it’s filtered of course. Then, Ground your coffee fresh. Now, you need ground coarse coffee because you are doing an immersion brew so it’s quite important.

Step 02: Preheat And ScalePreheat And Scale

Before starting, preheat the french press. You just need to add a little bit of water, get that nice and warm. Keep the temperature as consistent as possible, give it a bit of swell and just dispose of that.

Now, you’re going to tear your scales and add your coffee in. Working to a 60 gram to 1 liter of water ratio. For instance, if you’ve done 16 grams in the pot, so brew about 250 mils, if it’s gonna taken by one person.

Step 03: Fill It And Leave It For 4 MinutesFill It And Leave It For 4 Minutes

Once the coffee’s in, start your timer and fill this to 250 mils. Make sure that you are going to coat all of the grounds as much as possible with quite a quick pour. Straight up to 250, giving that a bit of agitation as well. Not too much because it’s gonna stay for a further four minutes. When you are at 250, now going to let that sit. You aren’t to touch it for four minutes.

This is the crucial stage of extraction. As you will see the coffee would be steeping in there, so it’s going to continue to extract as much as it can. Now, let’s that sit and you’re going to see the coffee form almost a crust on the top. After four minutes, go ahead break the crust and scoop it off. You’re also gonna leave your plunger dingo on the top and not gonna push it.

Why? … Well, after four minutes drops, you’re gonna slowly start to see that those coffee particles would be slowly dropping to the bottom. Now, if you press the plunger, you’re just re-stirring that you’re resurfacing all those grounds. You’re starting the extraction process again and worst of all you’re going to end up with all those coffee grounds and particles in your cup. Definitely, you don’t want that you want to have a nice clean subtle, yet full-bodied brew.

Step 04: After 4 MinutesAfter 4 Minutes

Now, what you need to do is take your spoon and just give that crust a break. A couple of stirs, not too many because you don’t want to keep over agitating that coffee. Then, take this off the scales, you don’t really need them anymore. Those particles would be going to continue to drop that last little bit and you are going to take off the top little layer, almost that forms like a little crust.

By this stage, most of the coffee particles should have sunken, the fuel on. The top is also just down to ground distribution if you’re using a hand grinder or you can use an electric grinder as well. Now, you are gonna press the plunger top, just down to where the water is. Make sure, you’re not going to push through because that’s now ready to serve. You can then let it steep for a couple more minutes if you want to let that coffee drop even more. But the top filter will obviously filter any of that coming out.

So, you’re actually good to go, and good to serve. Leave that lid on top, just hold that there and you want to pour that out straight away. A lot of people would just let that sit and kind of continue to pour but as you know that’s when it becomes quite sludgy in flavor, very bitter you get a lot of sediment coming through as well. It’s not very enjoyable, so that’s all. If you have a thermal server, you could pour it straight into there of course which would keep it nice and warm.

You will notice the color, it would be a little bit darker because of the immersion brew. As the immersion brew is, you know the coffee’s sitting in there, so it’s a little bit darker but still very tasty. You can test it out at home, make sure you try our technique.

Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly. So hopefully, this article is gonna be helpful for you in how to french press coffee. Please let us know in the comments below and if you did like it make sure you keep visiting us to learn many more things. Have a nice day!

Tools You Will Need:

  1. French Press  … click here to buy
  2. Grinder … click here to buy
  3. Coffee Server … click here to buy
  4. Cup … click here to buy
  5. Kettle … click here to buy
  6. Spoons … click here to buy

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