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How to Clean Eye Glasses – Getting Glasses In New Look Again


Today, we’re going to learn about how to clean eyeglasses, without any further delay let’s begin…

How to Clean Eye Glasses

In today’s article, we’re gonna talk about the very best way to clean your glasses and make sure to stick around to the end because I’m going to give you a pro tip for those especially hard to clean off things like hairspray and spray paint.

Q1: What Cloth Should You Use To Clean Glasses?

What Cloth Should You Use To Clean Glasses?

What should you use to clean your glasses?

What should you not use?

Definitely, look for a microfiber cloth. Microfiber is really good at not scratching those lenses and you specifically want to find a microfiber cloth absolutely no kleenex tissue of any kind, no paper towels, no your t-shirt. You want to avoid any fabrics with sort of coarse fibers because that can scratch your lenses.

Microfiber is the best fabric you can go with and a pro tip with microfiber is that you can wash it, either in your sink by hand or you can actually run it through your normal wash. Just make sure to avoid using any softener, avoid using any laundry softener with a microfiber cloth.

The next thing that is a pro tip to use to clean your glasses is Kim wipes. Now, you can get Kim wipes from Amazon or other real retailers, even have them sent to your house and these are a really effective way to clean your glasses. They work really well and they won’t scratch your lenses at all and of course, they’re not reusable like a microfiber cloth but they work wonderfully and you should check them out.

Q2: What Cleaning Solution Should You Use To Clean Eyeglasses?

What Cleaning Solution Should You Use To Clean Eyeglasses?

There are many commercially available cleaning solutions and you should always look for ones that do not contain alcohol. Alcohol on the lenses can affect the coatings or the treatments, the anti-glare treatment or anti-reflective treatment, and break them down more quickly, so you really want to avoid using anything with alcohol in it.

The next thing that gets the lenses super spiffy clean, especially, if you have a little bit more gunk, maybe in the nose pads is to coat your lenses with Dawn Dish Soap. So, you’re looking for the original dark blue dawn is the best. It’s the same stuff that they use on the little duckies that get oil on them and it’s because it’s so good at breaking up oil and if you think about it these glasses are sitting on your face getting your facial oils on them and you can get an accumulation of that oil over time and so, using dawn and just regular water is wonderful for breaking up oil and getting the lenses super clean.

I would actually recommend doing that like once a day using dawn dish soap and water and then you know throughout your workday using a commercially available spray to clean throughout the day. The Kim wipes are wonderful for wiping down the lenses after you’ve cleaned them with dawn and water. So, pick up a pack of those for at home to dry the lenses off without scratching them.

Other Methods: To Clean Glasses Without Scratching Them

To Clean Glasses Without Scratching Them

There is a device called Ultra Sonic Cleaner. It’s this thing with a little basket, it’ll do a super good job of cleaning your glasses and removing any debris that’s because it’s ultrasonic and it rapidly vibrates the glasses to sort of remove and break up any of those really firm deposits on the lenses and frame.

If the lenses have gotten really bad, you can always bring them to the clinic, they’ll be able to take the lenses out of the frame, take the screws out and just clean all the bits and pieces of your glasses and get them really clean and then reassemble that’s the deepest clean but I wouldn’t recommend doing that at home just because it’s difficult to put lenses and frames back together sometimes, especially, if that’s not something you do every day.



Finally, as promised I’m going to give you my pro tip, this is the best if you have gotten hair spray on your glasses, if you’ve been painting and maybe gotten paint flex any of those really stubborn things that end up on our glasses and impair our vision. There’s a pro tip and that is Denatured Alcohol like you can get from any hardware store.

So, Denatured Alcohol is what we use when there’s really bad debris on lenses that we can’t get clean with your typical spray and cloth. We’ll use a little denatured alcohol and it usually does the trick to lift those things off and the only thing about it if you remember earlier, I’m contradicting myself, I said don’t use alcohol on your glasses, it can break up your treatments. Denatured Alcohol is not to be used every day, this is only in emergency situations when your glasses have gotten out of control, you’ve been painting and renovating and things have gotten bad then you can use your denatured alcohol to get them really clean again just don’t use it every day.

Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly so hopefully, this article is gonna be helpful for you in how to clean eyeglasses. Keep visiting us to learn many more things. Have a nice day!

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