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How to Clean Concrete Floors – Get Your Floor New Look


Today, we are going to teach you how to clean concrete floors, so without any further delay let’s begin…

How To Clean Concrete Floors

So, this will be a very simple and easy tutorial so that you can easily understand and clean your floors properly. Basically, I have a concrete floor in my house and the concrete floor can get dirty as other floor and some days ago my concrete floor got dirty then I had to clean it so I thought that I should let you know about how to clean it because you oftentimes have to walk on your concrete floor without your shoes bare feet or with your socks. 
In order to clean your concrete floor, you need two buckets, and as well as you need a mop. Now, fill both buckets with some warm water then take one of the buckets, put some dish soap in it and be generous. All right, take your mop, makes the dish soap around, you are going to start seeing some bubbles form inside of the water. 
The dish soap is the cleaning agent that will do the cleaning of the property floor and you can buy stone cleaners and they both work really well but for myself, I like to use products that are very natural and very simplistic. It’s also because I have very young kids so I have to be mindful of the stuff that gets into the air when I’m cleaning, so if you also have kids, you should take care of this thing as well. They work really well in specific detergents for some but this stuff does a very good job and another reason is that I have been using it for a long time that’s why I would recommend it to use.
So, you want to really don’t reload the mop too much, you want to be quite wet then you want to take that mop and start mopping the floor and this will not get rid of the stain that’s a different thing. This is just a method that will allow you to clean the concrete floor and as I said earlier be generous because the soap is gonna be the cleaning agent so you want to make sure that your beat centers of how much soap you put on there but you can do if you want.
After the first layer then once again add another layer of soap there. The beauty of soap is that works really quickly means you don’t have to let this sit for about ten minutes, five minutes, or even one minute, you pretty much get it on there and then what you actually rinse out with your mop and use water, so what you’re gonna do now you just need to spin your mop if you have a spinner bucket so that the whole get off otherwise you can simply dip your mop in water. 
Now, You have to dilute the soap, you have to dip in the water and you’re going to rinse down with water then take to account the fact that you’re still gonna see the bubbles because the slope would be still on the floor. You are not removing the soap, you are dying moving it, now once again dip your mop in the water.
Now, Go ahead with a somewhat dry mop that’s been run out and you would also just continue to spread that soap mixture on the rest of the floor. So, you’re diluting it and you’re continuing to clean and the coloration of the floor would look 50 times better. 
Now, you will see the water would be dirty, it’s soapy so you first have to empty out all the water and fill a bucket with fresh water and it’s kind of hard to tell but when I remember I have a drain in my room if you do not have a drain in the room maybe you want to be a little bit more mindful of how much you are putting on the ground because you don’t know what river the concrete absorbs. Remember, you don’t want to put too much water on the ground because the concrete will indeed absorbance.
You are also gonna bring out the mop, make sure that the mop is free of any soil and fill the bucket with fresh water. You have to do the last step is you are just gonna walk over the entire thing with a rather dry mop, you know with only a little bit of a mop with fresh water on and you are gonna be left with is a spotless concrete floor then you will be able to walk on the concrete floor barefoot and it’s not going to have dust on it. It’s also not gonna be dirty in any way. You can use this on a concrete patio outside in order to walk outside barefoot and not track all the dirt and you can use it anywhere as long as the flooring is concrete, you can use this method.
I do, however, recommend wearing shoes when you do this. You just need to get a bucket of fresh water and gonna go with a wrung down mop that you rinsed them up and you know base thinner continue doing the floor one more pass over the floor with water wrung out mop just to really polish it off.
Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly so hopefully, this article is gonna be helpful for you in how to clean concrete floors. Keep visiting us to learn many more things. Have a nice day!

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